Roman Route

Come and search the seven centuries that lasted the Roman World, through the reconstruction of the sites and the sharing of experiences with the elements of those times!

Historic background

The Roman occupation changed the morphology of the territory, the language and culture of the inhabitants – since their arrival in the 3rd Century BC until the fall of the Western Roman Empire in the 5th century AD.

We are going to travel in time and in a territory that goes from Great Britain to the Euphrates River and Anatolia … and from Germania to North Africa!


Current locations covered by the Route (with colored markers) and possible future locations (grey markers):


In 1561, Gaspar Barreiros wrote in his book “Chorogragia” about Conimbriga: “There are still walls, aqueducts, graves, stones written in Roman letters in the name of Conimbriga (…)”

During his trip from Coimbra to Rome, Gaspar Barreiros used the old Roman itineraries as a map, having measured the distances and sensed that the ruins he saw must correspond to the ancient Conímbriga … meanwhile abandoned almost a thousand years before his time.