Routes and Territories

Historical Routes

Megalithic Route

7,000 years ago emerged in Europe a ritual and funerary construction phenomenon that spread from the Iberian Peninsula to the British Isles through France.

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Celtic Route

Get to know the Celtic, Galician, Iberian, Venetians, Gauls, British among others from the pre-Roman soul of the Atlantic coast until the central Europe!

Roman route

The Roman occupation changed over time the morphology of the territory, the language and culture of its inhabitants – from the arrival in the 3rd Century BC until the fall of the Western Roman Empire in the 5th century AD.

Once Upon a Time Al-Andalus Route

The Territory of the Three Cultures and their legacy presented by the characters who initiated the current Iberian nationalities

Route of Naval Battles

From the classic era to our time, naval battles have marked the history at sea.

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World War One Route

From the European Front on August 1914, passing through Middle-East and Africa, until November 1918.


Thematic Routes

Chocolate Route

Originating from the cocoa seed of Central America, it was brought to Europe in the discoveries time to be one of the most consumed foods at global scale.


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Coffe Routes

From the highlands of Ethiopia, it is made known in Europe in the Middle Ages and with the discoveries times throughout the world, to became one of the most universal beverages.


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The Wines Routes

About 10,000 years ago, man began planting vines in the Caucasus Region – however, it would be the Egyptians to encourage the consumption of this drink, which is now spread throughout the world.


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Olive Oile Route

The word olive oil derives from the Arabic word “az-zait” which means “olive juice” – the “liquid gold” that was started to be used thousands of years ago in the Mediterranean region acquired the relevance that it still retains to date our time.

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Literature Routes

Since the origin of writing, prose and poetry have been registered – countless writers have produced works and styles have been since then – let’s get to know the authors, the territories and the stories.


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Fado´s Route

Typical Portuguese singing (from Lisbon and Coimbra) that portrays the narrative of everyday urban life originated in the Portuguese-speaking world and acquired its current form in the 19th century


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Azulejos Route

Ceramic decoration, of Egyptian origin, was introduced in the Iberian Peninsula by the Arabs during the 13th century – the term como from the Arabic “al-zulaich”, which means small polished stone – we are going to tell its story.

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Tercios and Fortress Route

With the use of firearms in the late Middle Ages, medieval castles were adapted and fortresses emerged as a new defensive system throughout the world.


The Jewish Route

From Judea to the World, the Jewish People has been a constant partner in the History of Humanity over the past two millennia, contributing to the development of various areas.


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Halal Route

The term “halal” is an Arabic word that translates as “licit” and is used in Islamic civilization to designate those actions and foods that are accepted by Islamic law – its influence on traditional mediterranean gastronomy throughout History

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Historical People Route

The Condestable – Windsor Treaty Route

From 1383 to the victory over Castile  in 1385 and the beginning of the world oldest alliance between two states – Portugal and England, started in 1372 with the Treaty of Tagilde and confirmed in 1386 in the Windsor Treaty.


Route of Magellan and Elcano – 500 years

From Guadalquivir  to the other side of the world … Two men – Fernão de Magalhães and Juan Elcano – the Territory is The Planet and the first Circum-navigation trip.

Napoleonic Route

From 1803 to 1815, the French Napoleonic armies invaded Europe, culminating in the victory of the allies over the French Empire.


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Legendary Routes

Templar Route

The Order of the Temple was a fundamental partner for the creation of several medieval kingdoms – discover the Templar knights, their rites, places and equipment, and where they trained and fought.


Route of The Way of St James

With the discovery of the tomb of the apostle St. James, in Compostela in the ninth century, devotees from all over Europe began to travel to the site of the relics of Jesus’ disciple.

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Silk Road

The Silk Road, started around the 1st century BC. was the main connection between China and Europe for more than 1600 years – learn about the traditions, characters, legends and sites of this lengeadary route.