Services and Advertising


The OnHistory Application offers the following Services and Products:

a) Augmented Reality experiments – whether in 2D or 3D, animated films, interactive photographs, reconstruction of fragments for objects or original construction;

b) dissemination of events, places, exhibitions, products through “push” messages to the user or inserted in the experiences of the Application;

c) development (until September 2021) of the user’s local area to allow the purchase of services and products in the Application – whether they are entries in events or museums or tourist experiences of operators and articles related to producers in the territories;

OnHistory seeks / is available:

a) Partners / associates in different countries or territories that want to explore / expand their potential – menus can be added in the respective languages (any alphabet);

b) Investors who are available to add “more value” (in addition to financial) contributing to the growth of a differentiating Product;

c) People, researchers, technicians, specialists who want to join the Project benefiting, all, together with “the added value” that they can bring and add.


OnHistory was present at the 2020 editions of Tourism Explorers and at the Lisbon Websummit