Silk Road Route

From Asia to the World

Historic background


The Silk Road is one of the oldest trade routes in the world.
Started in the Han Chinese Dynasty, around 130 BC, until the mid-15th century, have crossed the Central Asia to Europe.

Through Augmented Reality we want re-enact this fabulous Road bring the past to the present with this new developing OnHistory Route Project.


Current locations covered by the Route (with colored markers) and possible future locations (grey markers):



The Explorer Marco Polo (1254-1324) was the first European to reach China by this route.

After almost twenty years of travel he described the amazing adventure when return to the Italian Peninsula.

It was, however, the German geographer and traveller Ferdinand Von Richthofen, in 1877, who designated it as ‘Seidenstrasse’ (silk route) or as ‘Seidenstrassen’ (silk routes).