Targeted end users

Digital as an Integrated Project

We live in the Digital Century in which mobile applications and tools on the Internet will be the (preferred) Channel between the Place / Product and the Visitor / Consumer – OnHistory proposes to solve the problems and challenges through its experiences and content for:



The governmental, regional and municipal public entities that need to attract visitors to the places, to support the economy and development of the territories and to promote their products and operators.

However, traditional means are still not enough …

OnHistory can be the right Channel!

Museums + Monuments


Museums and Monuments want to boost their content to increase the flow of visitors, making them known beyond what is seen and can reconstruct the past from the present.

However, the technology is expensive, difficult to update and maintain …

OnHistory can bring the Past to the Present and materialize it in front of the visitor!

Academic + Researchers


Schools, universities, students, teachers, and researchers who would like to better share their knowledge, progress in their studies, show their research work and contribute to the progress of the Society and increase the population’s literacy.

However, information channels are not easily accessible nor specialized enough …

OnHistory covers multidisciplinary areas in an accessible and understandable way!

Companies and Local Producers


Companies and Producers must differentiate themselves from the competition through Products and Services with content based on their identity, linking Traditional + History to their Service / Product with the possibility for the consumer to personalize it.

However, advertising can be expensive and dispersed …

OnHistory wants the consumer to interact and learn about the History of its Product and Service!


Visitors & Consumers


Visitors and consumers want to visit interesting historical sites, where they have Products / Services with “Soul” and “Identity”, but also with easy and safe access and with unique, genuine and customizable content.

However, they want all of this through an original and innovative format …

OnHistory has unique experiences accessible 365 days a year from anywhere!